Anna Duggar Shares Family Outing At The Pond With Her Kids, But Said They Got ‘Outsmarted By The Fish’

Anna Duggar took full advantage of the nice weather in Arkansas a few days ago. She shared on her Instagram that one day last week, she took her six kids and went fishing at a local pond. The former reality star posted their outdoor adventure in a series of pictures of her adorable children having fun.

The family activity sounds like it was a last minute decision, as it was such a nice sunny day with warmer weather to enjoy. Anna said that they had a contest that was divided into girls vs. boys to see how many fish they could catch at the pond.

She indicated in the caption that they ended up in a tie. Each team caught a total of zero fish, but all was okay. They appeared to have had a great time trying their best to capture the swimming creatures.

There were six photos in all, as Josh Duggar’s wife captured the special moments on camera. The group snapshot was the first in the set, and it included all six Duggar grandkids. Mackynzie, 10, Michael, 8, Marcus, 6, Meredith, 4, and Mason, 2, were all sitting on the grass surrounding their 3-month-old baby sister, Maryella Duggar, who was lying in a car seat.

The second snap featured the two oldest siblings holding onto their fishing poles as they competed against each other. The next one had Meredith with Mason sitting on her lap looking out at the water. Anna even helped out a bit, as seen in one of the photos. She was posing with Mackenzie, who fans think is her mom’s twin. The mom-of-six stood out in the pic with the bright red boots she wore.

The last two snapshots revealed the fun that the kids were having with the family activity. Josh Duggar was not in any of the photos, but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t with his brood on the outing.

His name was mentioned by a fan who asked Anna if he helps her with dinner at home. She answered that her famous husband is “great in the kitchen” and that he does help out often.

Anna Duggar had previously shared some Instagram photos of her sons playing with nerf toys and LEGOs, while the girls were seen with baby Maryella. Some of her followers questioned why the girls are babysitting their sister while the boys got to go play and have fun.

Some naysayers think that the females in the Duggar family are forced into caring for their younger siblings, but a few members of the family had previously said that the girls love to play with the babies and toddlers, as do the boys.

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