‘Bachelor’ Fans Poke Fun At Contestant Hannah Ann Sluss’ Southern Accent

Bachelor fans are poking fun at 23-year-old contestant Hannah Ann Sluss, accusing her of faking her southern accent. Despite the fact that the Knoxville, Tennessee native didn’t have much of a noticeable southern accent throughout the season, a slight one seemed to come out during her hometown date with Peter Weber in the most recent episode, according to Cosmopolitan.

Whether Sluss was faking the accent or it simply came out stronger when she was around her hometown friends and family, it did not go unnoticed by viewers who took to social media to check if others watching also picked up on the same thing.

“Has Hannah Ann’s southern accent become more intense in this episode?” one confused person wrote on Twitter.

“Since when does Hannah Ann have a southern accent? Did I miss something? Lol,” asked another in a separate Tweet.

Despite the strange accent thing, Sluss’s hometown date went over fairly smoothly. Her father, in particular, showed hesitancy regarding the process, at times questioning Weber’s motives and expressing fear that his daughter’s heart would be broken. At one point, he requested that Weber not tell Sluss that he was in love with her unless he was certain of his feelings.

At the end of the episode, Sluss received a rose from Weber, in addition to Madison Prewett and Victoria Fuller. Kelsey Weier was sent home brokenhearted. It is expected to be Sluss and Prewett as the final two, with Fuller being sent home in the next episode.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, some fans think Sluss may have already accidentally spoiled the ending of the show through an Instagram comment. Bachelor alum Hannah Godwin reached out to Sluss recently by commenting on one of her recent Instagram photos, asking her to come visit her soon.

“2 more weeks until I will be living near you,” Sluss responded.

Godwin currently resides in Los Angeles, the same city where Weber also lives. Thus, some fans took this to mean that Sluss could be moving to live closer to Weber.

Reality television blogger Steve Carbone wasn’t as convinced by this theory. While he did confirm that Sluss will be moving to Los Angeles in the coming weeks, he doesn’t think it is related to Weber. Rather, he expects it is for her career.

“I’m pretty sure it’s to start her Instagram-influencing career. I don’t think it has anything to do with Peter,” he said.

Surprisingly, the ending of The Bachelor has not yet leaked.

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