‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Trina’s Matchmaking May Just Backfire

Cam and Trina are heading to the winter formal this week on General Hospital. It is all a ploy to make Josslyn jealous. Cameron has had feelings for Joss, but he hasn’t wanted to act on them so soon after Oscar’s death.

Trina decides to play matchmaker between her two best friends as she wants to see them both happy. She devised a plan to make it look like she and Cam are actually falling for each other, but her scheme may just end up backfiring on her.

Soap Central says that Josslyn will be caught off guard, which means that Trina will tell her BFF that she is going out on a date with Cameron to the winter formal. She will accentuate that it is a real date, and that they have started developing romantic feelings for each other. Of course, this is all just their plan to make Joss jealous enough to confess that she really likes Cam, too. However, it sounds like Trina may end up developing feelings for Cam after all.

The Inquisitr had previously touched on some spoilers ahead for Trina, and it included this date with Cameron. Now there are more details emerging on how this is all supposed to play out. The twosome sat at Kelly’s together planning their strategy. General Hospital fans can’t help but notice that these two actually have some on-screen chemistry as well. While it always looked like Cam and Joss would end up being a couple, Trina is now in the mix and fans are okay with that.

In the current issues of Soap Opera Digest, actress Sydney Mikayla speaks out on her character’s matchmaking skills. She said that Trina just wants to make Joss happy after losing Oscar, despite any feelings that she may have for Cameron. She is willing to go the extra mile to make her friends happy.

Despite her efforts in getting Joss to see Cam romantically, her plan could always have the opposite effect. Josslyn may just give Cam and Trina her blessing to form a relationship. Or Cameron could start seeing Trina as more than just friends while on their date.

General Hospital fans have totally warmed up to this pairing, and it looks like that is where it is headed eventually. The teen scene has been getting more airtime in between the mob war and the Wiley saga.

Fans were also pleasantly surprised when Taggert turned out to be Trina’s dad. There seems to be a lot more in store for this girl in the near future.

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