Olympic Gymnast Nastia Liukin Flaunts Her Fit Figure In A White Bathing Suit With Sleeves

Nastia Liukin sported a stylish swimsuit during a relaxing island getaway and showed off the look on Instagram. On Saturday, the gold medal-winning Olympic gymnast took to the social media site to share a snapshot of her unusual swimwear.

Nastia’s post included two photos. In her first snapshot, the svelte blond was pictured rocking a strapless white bathing suit. However, it was difficult to tell that the garment was supposed to be a swimsuit, mainly because it had sleeves. Nastia was wearing it with a pair of short, high-waisted denim cutoffs, making it look as if it was possibly a bodysuit or perhaps a tight tube top.

Nastia wasn’t wearing her Daisy Dukes in her second photo, so the bottom half of her confirmed bathing suit was visible. It had extremely high-cut leg openings, and it included a wide floating belt that hit Nastia right above the hip. The suit’s material was constructed out of thick, textured fabric. Its aforementioned sleeves were long and unattached and hit her right above the bicep.

The leg openings of Nastia’s swimsuit were cut so high that they were visible above the belt, making it look like she had two cutouts on her sides. The garment’s design perfectly showcased her slim, athletic figure, including her long, lean thighs and slender hips.

Nastia’s second photo provided a clearer view of the swimsuit’s unique material, and it included a tag identifying it as a Devon Windsor design. Her accessories were also easier to see in the shot. She was rocking one gold necklace dotted with tiny pearls and another that had a white scallop shell dangling from it.

On her head, Nastia wore a white visor with a clear bill. She revealed that it was from Prada. The former gymnast was wearing her long, blond hair partially pulled up in a high ponytail. Her tresses were damp and wavy, and they were tumbling down over the sides and back of the visor.

In her first photo, Nastia was posing on the side of a mountain covered with lush greenery. The tail of a helicopter was visible off to one side, and the ocean could be seen on the other. The sky was cloudy and dark as if it had been raining. In her second photo, Nastia was posing in front of a small waterfall trickling down the side of a wall of rough gray rock.

The caption of Nastia’s post was about the importance of taking wellness trips to unwind and recharge. She directed her followers to her blog, where she listed five wellness destinations she wants to visit in 2020. They included the Four Seasons Lanai in Lanai, Hawaii.

Nastia’s photos were snapped during a previous trip to Hawaii’s Kona-Kohala coast. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she uploaded another photo of a colorful two-piece swimsuit that she wore during that island getaway on Tuesday.

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