British Fitness Model Natacha Oceane Shows Off Her Fantastic Physique In Tight Workout Gear

Natacha Oceane is past her big move and back to her comfort zone — sharing sexy selfies on Instagram.

The British fitness model took to the social media site to show off her incredible physique in some form-fitting workout gear, tight pink shorts, and a white sports bra. Oceane flashed a smile in the Instagram picture and explained to fans that it had been a very stressful stretch as she moved to a new part of London.

Oceane wrote that she was proud of herself for setting a new personal record — crying exactly zero times in her home move. Natacha told fans that while she is working on a new startup venture and finishes her home move, she would be taking a step back from workouts and removing herself from any mental obligation to keep a certain structure to her training.

It’s not clear what business venture the fitness model may be working on. Natacha has gained a large following in the fitness world and sells a number of fitness products and specialized workout plans on her personal website. She has moved onto a number of other health and wellness areas as well, selling everything from fitness gear to her own recipe books that promote clean eating.

The recent move to a new home seems to have put a crimp on the fitness trainer’s social media habits. Natacha has been less active on Instagram throughout the moving process but did give some fans glimpses of the changes in her life, including another happy selfie she shared earlier in the month. In the caption, Natacha gave an idea at just how crazy her life is at the moment.

“Currently spending every waking minute researching while pretending to have my life together as we move home and religiously studying the different ways to curl my hair in the four minutes of down time in between and I can report it’s going kinda well,” she wrote.

As the recent selfie showed, Natacha isn’t taking too much time away from her workouts. The British fitness model showed off her washboard abs in the picture and well-toned arms in the snap, drawing some praise from her followers.

“omg this fit,” one fan wrote, adding a heart-eyes emoji.

“gorgeous as always,” another added.

Oceane did share another workout video earlier this month, showing off a series of videos with a total of seven moves for a brief but high-intensity workout.

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