WWE News: Randy Orton Chooses A New Target And Brock Lesnar Returns On ‘Raw’

All of the fans of WWE have their eyes on the massive happenings that will take place en route to the biggest event of the year. There has been a lot that’s happened since the Royal Rumble, and there is already a stacked show planned for next week’s Monday Night Raw. WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is heading back to appear live on the show and Randy Orton needs a new target to torment, but who will he pinpoint?

The official website of WWE revealed their preview for next week’s Raw, and it is rather short as of this time. More segments and matches will be added before showtime, but the planned itinerary is already going to bring forth tons of action and drama.

Randy Orton is looking for another superstar to torment and torture

Right after his incredibly shocking return at the Royal Rumble, Edge revealed that he was indeed back. At first, he thought he’d be welcomed back with open arms by his former tag team partner, Orton actually decimated his ex-friend and put him out of commission for weeks.

Matt Hardy thought he would try to settle things and stand up to Orton, but it did him no good to attempt. Hardy tried to stand up to the bully, but it did nothing but bring him pain and land him in a “Chair of Wheels.”

Now, Orton needs someone else to target, but will he find them next week on Raw?

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is heading back to Raw for a live appearance

It isn’t often that fans get to see the WWE Champion in person, but next week, he is heading back to the red brand’s show. He’s preparing for two big matches, but the “Beast Incarnate” certainly won’t show fear or back down from anyone.

At Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia, Lesnar will defend his title against Ricochet in a first-ever meeting, and fans are hoping for a great battle. In less than two months, Lesnar will face off against Drew McIntyre in one of the main matches at WrestleMania 36.

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler will come face-to-face eventually

A couple of weeks ago, Baszler appeared out of nowhere to not only attack Lynch but to make her bleed from the back of her neck. It was an unorthodox beating and one that shocked the wrestling world, but the Raw Women’s Champion isn’t shying away from a fight or a challenge.

This next week on Raw, the two superstars may finally come face-to-face and it most certainly won’t be a civil meeting.

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