Kathie Lee Gifford Reveals That She Has Been Dating Before Playing A Matchmaking Game On ‘The Dr. Oz Show’

Kathie Lee Gifford played a dating game during her appearance on The Dr. Oz Show. On Friday, the 66-year-old former co-host of The Today Show took to Instagram to tease her appearance on Dr. Oz’s syndicated daytime talk series later that afternoon. She revealed that she would be playing “The Doctor Dating Game,” and her post included a photo of the eligible medical professionals that she would be choosing from. However, some of her followers noted that the bachelors looked much too young for her.

Ahead of playing the game, Kathie Lee chatted briefly about being a widow and rejoining the dating world. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kathie Lee said that “the loneliness was crippling” after her husband Frank passed away at age 84 in 2015. This feeling of isolation inspired her to move to Nashville, Tennessee. Now that she’s settled in her new home, she’s started looking for love.

“Are you open to dating?” Dr. Oz asked Kathie Lee.

“Yes, I have been dating,” she replied.

“I have been. For the last seven months or so.”

Dr. Oz let out a gasp at this admission.

“I know,” Kathie Lee said.

“With various amounts of success.”

Dr. Oz then revealed that she would be playing “The Doctor Dating Game.” He quipped that all of the eligible M.D.s that Kathie Lee would be choosing from were young, just like she requested. A wall separated Kathie Lee from the bachelors so that she couldn’t see them.

According to Dr. Oz, the doctors weren’t just there to see if they could spark Kathie Lee’s romantic interest; the three men were also there to represent different charities. Kathie Lee was given a limited amount of time to ask the men questions before making her choice. She first asked them what their favorite body part on a woman is.

Bachelor number one was an ER doctor who has appeared on the cover of Men’s Health magazine, and he was playing for a children’s charity. His favorite body part was the “gluteus maximus.” Bachelor number two was a cosmetic dentist who was playing for a charity that provides dental procedures for the victims of domestic violence. His favorite body part was the mouth. Bachelor number three was a veterinarian who brought a cute dog with him. He was representing a charity that provides care for pets that need high-cost emergency procedures. He quipped that his favorite body part is the tail, but he also likes eyes.


Many of Kathie Lee’s Instagram followers weren’t happy about the ages of the men in the dating segment.

“Too young, inappropriate,” wrote one commenter.

“Too young for you. They could be your sons,” read another remark.

In response to a flood of similar comments, Kathie Lee informed her followers the faux dating show was supposed to be funny.

“The entire segment was meant to be a joke. I never met the men ahead of time and I had no idea how old they were and I was in on the joke once it started,” she wrote.

“They were good sports. Too bad that’s so difficult for others! Have a great day, everyone!”

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