Selena Gomez Warns Her Young Fans Not To Go See ‘Spring Breakers’

Selena Gomez has warned her young fans not to go and see her new movie, Spring Breakers, reminding them that it is a very adult movie.

Harmony Korine’s new film follows the exploits of Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine, Vanessa Hudgens and Gomez’s characters as they attempt to take a break from their studies, but they soon get caught up in the illegal actions of James Franco’s gangster rapper.

Gomez is worried that her pre-teen fans are going to try and sneak into the film, stating, “There’s gonna be the intrigued pre-teens that are gonna want to sneak in and see the movie, and that’s obviously something I can’t control.”

She then went on to tell The Hollywood Reporter, ” [I can] definitely warn them as best i can, but the movie is rated R, and it’s kind of a given when you see the trailer that you should be old enough to see the movie.”

Throughout the movie, Gomez, Benson, Korine, and Hudgens wear bikinis and soon start to raise funds for their trip by robbing people.

“At the end of the day, this is a film, this a journey, this is an experience,” continues Gomez. “And it’s a hell of an experience, because you’re going through a crazy whirlwind, and Harmony [Korine]’s vision and imagination is crazy and you can see it in this film.”

Gomez then concluded, “And in a way, I like that I can make people feel that. So whether you hate it or whether you love it or whether you laugh, or you think it’s creepy, we made you feel something, and I think that’s really cool. So as far as how I’m gonna see how they react, hopefully it will just be settling and they can think about it.”

Have you seen Spring Breakers? What did you think of Gomez’s performance?

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