New ‘Loki’ Casting Calls Shed Light On New Lead And Supporting Roles

When Loki premieres sometime next year, the newest addition to the MCU will feature Tom Hiddleston as the titular character but that’s about all that’s known for certain. Slowly but surely, the cast for the Disney Plus series is filling up but even though some actors have been hired, just what characters they will play is still a mystery. Earlier this week, Owen Wilson and Gugu Mbatha-Raw were brought on board.

Now a new casting call spotted first by the Illuminerdi could shed some light on who they will play, as well as some other members of the Loki cast. The first character is simply known as “male lead.” The description for this role is a “name” talent, with a sense of humor. There isn’t an age specified for this character but the showrunners are looking for a six-episode commitment. A check of IMBD shows Hiddleston locked in for six episodes himself. That then boils down to the entire season.

It seems likely Wilson is filling this opening. There is also a “Female 2” spot that is open to all races and is looking for a woman in her late 30’s to early ’50s. This is also a season-long commitment and could be Mbatha-Raw, who is 36-years old and is slated for all six episodes according to IMDB.

It’s the other two spots on the Loki cast that are raising the most questions. The only other confirmed, named cast member for the series is Sophia Di Martino who was the second announced addition back in November of 2019. That would seem to rule her out for “Female 2” in Loki.

Casey, who is said to be a harried intern who does things by the book and has lived his entire life indoors, could be someone who works in an office for an agency like the Time Variance Agency. It’s known the Disney Plus series will deal heavily in time travel and the TVA is a kind of time police force in the Marvel comics universe. The Casey character is said to need to be very funny which could be a way to balance out the action with some comic relief. This character is slated to appear in four episodes.

The final mystery spot on the cast is another supporting role known as John. The personality description for John is “contentious and combative soldier with an axe to grind.” Also slated for a four-episode run, it would appear this character is going to be a Time Variance Agency officer chasing after our Asgardian anti-hero and whatever traveling companions he picks up. Loki is slated to debut on Disney Plus sometime in 2021.

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