Kaley Cuoco Shares Her Reaction To Learning That Jennifer Aniston Follows Her On Instagram

Kaley Cuoco and Jennifer Aniston both became beloved entertainment icons by playing girl-next-door characters on popular, long-running television series. However, that doesn’t mean that Kaley is above fangirling over her predecessor.

On Friday, Kaley, 34, uploaded a series of videos to her Instagram stories. They documented The Big Bang Theory star’s reaction to finding out that Jennifer, 51, was following her on Instagram. The older actress currently follows a little over 300 accounts, including those of her fellow Friends stars and her real-life celebrity friends, including Reese Witherspoon, Chelsea Handler, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Kaley’s story uploads included screenshot evidence that she’s being followed by Jennifer. In her subsequent videos, Kaley was shown in full makeup with rollers in her hair. The actress is currently in New York filming her HBO Max series The Flight Attendant, and she was about to begin another day of shooting in the same big city where Jennifer’s much-adored ’90s sitcom was set. She appeared to be wearing one of the over-sized coats that she often sports to stay warm during filming.

Kaley kept rubbing her face, and her voice was slightly shaky, as if she were in a state of shock.

“I’m about to go shoot,” Kaley said. “I’m just scrolling my Instagram, and I went on to my favorite human in the world’s page, Jennifer Aniston, just to see what’s up, and, guys, she follows me.”

“So, uh, she’s literally my favorite, like, favorite,” Kaley continued. “I don’t think this Friday could get any better.”

Kaley was speechless for a few moments in her videos, but she eventually couldn’t contain her glee. She let out a delighted laugh as she celebrated her major social media achievement.

“I feel like I’ve made it,” Kaley said. “This is the moment. Jennifer, you queen.”

The actress ended her last video by blowing Jennifer a kiss.

One of Kaley’s videos included some text. She joked that she has “peaked,” and she suggested that she “should just go home” now that her life is made.

“This is it for me,” Kaley wrote.

While the bubbly blond star can boast having 5.8 million Instagram followers, Jennifer has been followed by over 28.8 million accounts since joining Instagram in October of last year. Her first post was a selfie that was snapped during a reunion with her Friends costars, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry.

Kaley was likely excited to learn that she’ll soon be sharing the same streaming platform as Jennifer. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an unscripted Friends special will air on HBO Max this May. The series’ entire library will also be available on the new platform.

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