Jared Leto Reveals Fan Sent Him A Severed Ear In Post

Actor and 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leo has revealed that a fan once sent him an ear in the post to showcase their appreciation of his talents.

However, rather than being repulsed by the bizarre present, Leto decided to put a hole in it and started to wear it as a necklace. Leto then even posted a picture of the piece of jewellery on Twitter.

Speaking to the British radio station, XFM, Leto remarked, “Someone cut their ear off once and sent it to me, that was very strange. A whole ear. The Van Gogh move. The note just said, ‘are you listening?'”

Rather than reacting in a normal, coherent fashion and contacting the authorities, Leto explained that he was charmed by the ordeal.

“I never knew who it was, who’s missing their ear out there,” added Leto. “I poked a hole in it and wore it as a necklace! Just don’t put your entire body in a case and send it to us.”

Leto understands that his followers are a group of loyal and dedicated bunch, who like to go by the name of The Echelon.

“The fans are an incredibly committed and passionate group of people,” remarked Leto. “Going to a show is kind of like visiting Japan, you expect gifts on your arrival. You get all kinds of wonderful things.”

Leto recently lost 30 pounds for his role in The Dallas Buyers Club, meaning he was at the paltry weight of 116 pounds.

“I got down to 115 or something,” confirmed the actor. “I just basically didn’t eat. I ate very little. I had done similar things with weight, but this was different, I think the role demanded that commitment …”

For the movie, Leto will play a transsexual with AIDS alongside his co-star Matthew McConaughey.

Would ever send a part of your body to your idol?

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