Wendy Williams Says Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Marriage Has 'No Romance' Involved

Elizabeth Randolph

Wendy Williams doesn't feel that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are head-over-heels for one another.

The couple was one of Williams' recent "Hot Topics" on The Wendy Williams Show on Friday, February 21. During the segment, Wendy discussed the pair's recent outing in Paris. In the viral clip, the Wests are in a glass elevator where they shared a kiss for the public. Kanye then exited the elevator with a large smile, while his wife was left to carry her shopping bags on her own.

According to Hollywood Life, Wendy shared how she felt about the clip with her audience. While she pointed out that she is now friends with Kim and Kanye, she said she doesn't feel a love connection between the famous pair. Although they have been married for six years, Wendy also said that she feels there is "no romance" between the two.

"You know I love Kim, and I love Kanye and the whole family," Wendy said while showing her audience the clip. "But, Kanye is being roasted for leaving Kim in an elevator with a whole bunch of bags. I see no romance in their relationship. Look at him!"

"The only reason, to me, that they were kissing is because it was a glass elevator and probably the cameras. Come on like, 'let's stage this,'" Wendy argued. "And then he's like, 'okay this is done.' But you've got to keep up the charade. Oh man, I just wish we didn't know this. We wouldn't have known this if he had just acted right."