Meghan McCain Reveals Some Hard Truths In Instagram Share

Meghan McCain revealed some hard truths in a new Instagram share. She posted a photo of herself seated at the hot topics table of ABC’s The View and made a comment in the image’s caption that reveals a lot about how she deals with the daily conflict of opinion on the popular daytime series.

She revealed that everything happening in her head can’t be hidden. Meghan then revealed to her followers how people can know exactly what she is thinking.

The daughter of late Sen. John McCain from Arizona looked quizzical in the image taken during a show from February 20.

Her fashion was on-point in the pic. Wearing a tailored black dress with three-quarter sleeves, Meghan looked every bit the professional political commentator. For a sleek and unique twist, the hair department of the show allowed her platinum blonde tresses to fall straight. The talk show host’s hair was pulled to one side and secured with a pearl barrette, which was fashioned just above her left ear.

In front of Meghan was a stack of blue cards the hosts use to write notes or follow along with the topics that will be discussed during the episode. Also in the image are a mug with the hosts of The View on it and her cellphone turned face down.

Her mother Cindy McCain commented on the telling photo by laughing.

The estranged wife of This Is Us star Justin Hartley, Chrishell Stause, also chimed in by remarking “same.”

“And that’s why I love you,” remarked one fan of the show host.

“Me too girl and I can’t control it lol,” said a second fan of the conservative commentator.

“Haha, that’s why I watch the view! Keeping in real Meghan,” said a third fan.

“Same Meghan McCain. It’s really a cross to bear, but we power through and I like to think that other people are better for my face reactions,” joked a fourth follower.

McCain is a panelist alongside Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin. She also shares the stage with View moderator Whoopi Goldberg.

The image was taken while Meghan participated in an episode that featured Republican Sen. Matt Gaetz, who appeared as a guest. He tried in vain to defend the actions of President Donald Trump, reaching out to Meghan, who attempted to give him a lifeline by extending an olive branch as a fellow Republican.

“I get it. My husband works in conservative media,” said Meghan, who explained she was a hardcore conservative but not a Trump supporter, reported The Daily Beast. She asked the congressman to speak about the president’s “character issues” which could keep college-educated conservative women from voting for Trump in the next election.

Matt could not come up with a straight answer. Instead, he pivoted the discussion to Bill Clinton cheating on Hillary and how the former president should have been impeached for his actions. This caused Whoopi and Joy to look at each other, laugh simultaneously, and tell the congressman, “they did.”

All the panelists, including Sunny and Meghan, appeared confused by the congressman’s answer. It is unclear if the still photo of Meghan was shot during this exchange, but it is possible.

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