Kelly Clarkson Brings Instagram Users To Tears With Stunning Cover Of ‘Someone You Loved’

Kelly Clarkson brought Instagram users to tears with a stunning and breathtaking cover of Lewis Capaldi’s pop smash “Someone You Loved.” The Kelly Clarkson Show host stood solo at a microphone in the beginning minutes of her daytime series, where she generally covers her favorite songs for a segment called “Kellyoke,” and hit it out of the park for an eerily silent studio audience.

Kelly employed the help of some professional dancers, who performed a contemporary routine alongside her performance, which reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts for Scottish singer and songwriter Lewis Capaldi in October 2019. “Someone You Loved” was nominated in the category of Song of the Year for the 2020 Grammy Awards and won a BRIT award in the same category this year.

Performing alongside a member of her house band, Kelly appeared to fall deeply into the emotion the song evokes. She closed her eyes and swayed to the music, which was powered by Kelly’s superb vocal skills.

The dancers behind her added an ethereal feel to the performance.

Kelly wore a dark dress that appeared to be green under the bluish lights of the set.

The garment had a high neck and three-quarter sleeves. The material had an interesting pattern that ran horizontally across Kelly’s arms, bodice, and skirt. It appeared to have a textural element, which made it look like it was somewhat puffy without appearing to overwhelm the talk show host.

Kelly paired the look with a muted makeup palette but kept her strong lip color, a mainstay of her talk show look.

Paired with sparkly hoop earrings and Kelly’s ever-present favorite black boots, the fashion choice was a perfect one for the moody song choice.

Fans not only praised Kelly’s overall look, but her delivery of the song as well.

Many pleaded in the comments section of the post how they wished she would release an album of her favorite covers, or perhaps, her favorite covers she has performed during the freshman year of her talk show.

“Your [sic] amazing I love watching your show, watching you on voice and I can listen to sing all day!” said a viewer about Kelly’s performance of the hit ballad.

“Stop it. I’m not supposed to cry on a Friday,” remarked a second fan of the emotions they felt after watching the performance.

“Beautiful! Don’t know how she’ll top that one,” said a third follower of the first American Idol winner on Instagram.

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