Kaley Cuoco And Karl Cook Share Updates On New Dog, Including How Their Other Canines Reacted To Him

Kaley Cuoco revealed that she and husband Karl Cook adopted a senior dog earlier this week, and the pooch seems to be adjusting well to life in his new home.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Kaley shared a few photos and videos of the elderly canine, whose name is Barney, on her Instagram stories. Barney appears to be a Labrador retriever or a Lab mix of some sort, and it’s already clear that he’s a big fan of napping. In every snapshot and short video clip that Kaley uploaded, Barney was chilling out on his big, comfy dog bed.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Barney is currently staying at the ranch owned by Kaley’s equestrian husband. The canine got to meet a few of his new furry family members there, including Kaley and Karl’s young blue nose pit bull, Blueberry. In a video filmed inside Karl’s house, the friendly dog was shown greeting Barney by licking his face as she wagged her tail. Barney kept his body firmly planted on his bed while this was happening.

Barney also met Tank the bulldog, whose welcome wasn’t quite as enthusiastic. He simply gave his new brother a few curious sniffs.

In one of Kaley’s photos, Blueberry was pictured lying down on the floor with her head on her paws as she stared intently at Barney.

“I will watch over you forever Barney,” Kaley captioned the photo. “Even tho you’re like 100 and I’m 1. But I will protect you.”

In another caption, Kaley quipped that Barney might not ever leave his bed. He was pictured lying on it in Karl’s horse barn, where he was joined by Tank and Blueberry. Tank was sitting on a similar bed.

Barney was later moved to a small penned area outside where he could enjoy the sunny weather and lush, green grass. However, he stayed on his bed, which had been placed in a shady area. He didn’t even get up when one of Kaley and Karl’s dwarf ponies joined him in the pen.

“Wherever Barney goes, his bed goes,” Kaley wrote.

Kaley is currently in New York filming the HBO Max series The Flight Attendant, so she hasn’t actually met Barney yet. Karl, however, has been spending plenty of time with the nap-loving pooch. The animal lover even managed to film Barney without his bed. On his Instagram stories, Karl shared a few videos of the canine exploring his new home by sniffing the grass and bushes outside. Barney was moving pretty slowly, and he stumbled into a light post. Karl explained that the sweet old dog’s vision isn’t so great.

Kaley and Karl’s other dogs, terrier mix Ruby and pit bulls Norman and Shirley, weren’t shown meeting Barney, so he hasn’t been introduced to the entire family yet. However, he’s seemingly won over everyone he’s encountered so far.

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