‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers For Friday: Life Or Death For Victoria

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Friday, February 21 bring the aftermath of Victoria’s stabbing, and Billy finds himself in a lot of hot water before Amanda comes to his rescue.

Ripley Turner (Christian Keyes) crashes the Newman Enterprises gala, which results in chaos, according to SheKnows Soaps. Somehow Ripley mistook Victoria (Amelia Heinle) for Amanda (Mishael Morgan) because they both had on similar white outfits and their hair in high ponytails. In a jealous rage, Ripley stabbed who he thought was Amanda when Billy (Jason Thompson) turned his back. However, the woman he stabbed was Victoria, and after she stumbled, Billy ended up catching her.

It takes Billy a second to realize what happened to Victoria, and he calls for help. Since Billy is the only one near Victoria, and they’ve recently broken up, Victor (Eric Braeden) blames Billy. Victor tried to give Billy a real chance this last time that he reunited with Victoria. Yet, Billy recently broke Victoria’s heart again, and Victor has had enough of the nonsense. Victor has been incredibly supportive of Victoria, and he’s helped her as she once again had to navigate life through breaking up with Billy. At least this time, they weren’t married, which makes it slightly easier to dissolve everything, but it was still tough to tell their children.

It’s not long, though, before Amanda (Mishael Morgan) realizes what must have happened because she runs into Ripley briefly before he hightails it out of the gala, which is at Top of the Tower. While Victor demands Billy be punished to the fullest extent of the law, Amanda comes to his rescue and relays what must have really happened. Since she and Victoria have on similar white ensembles, it’s certainly plausible, and it takes the heat off Billy while giving the police a real lead to chase.

The whole situation is strange because Billy and Victoria are through, and she’s been very clear that she has no plans to ever try again. However, now Victoria is fighting for her life, and she is the mother of Billy’s children. He obviously cares about what happens to her. It is also possible that seeing her nearly die could cause Billy to straighten up and realize just how unreasonable he’s been lately. Stranger things have happened.

Unfortunately for Billy, though, Victor isn’t feeling any family harmony with his daughter’s ex, and he refuses to allow Billy to wait with the Newman family at the hospital while Victoria’s life hangs in the balance.

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