Sarah Hyland’s ‘Thirsty Thursday’ Photo Includes Abs And Deodorant Marks On Her Tiny Crop Top

By showing off the deodorant marks on her dark shirt, Sarah Hyland revealed that celebrities suffer from some of the same clothing and toiletry issues as everyone else.

The 29-year-old Modern Family star shared a “Thirsty Thursday” photo on her Instagram page that included a peek at her flat, sun-kissed stomach. However, she didn’t mention her abs in the caption of her post. Instead, she drew her followers’ attention to the white marks on the faded black crop-top that she was wearing. The deodorant stains could be seen on the chest and armpit areas of the shirt.

Sarah’s tight top had long sleeves and a plunging neckline that showed off her tan decolletage. The petite brunette was also wearing a pair of dark gray skinny jeans with a high waist that hit her right below the belly button.

Sarah accessorized her outfit with a black leather Christian Dior belt. It featured a gold “CD” monogram buckle. She was also sporting a pair of large gold hoop earrings.

Most of the actress’ face was cropped out of the image, save for her full, pink lips. She was sitting on a bench in front of a white wooden railing and a street lined with parked cars was visible in the background.

In her caption, Sarah revealed that she hasn’t been able to find a deodorant that doesn’t leave white marks on her clothes. Luckily, her 7.2 million Instagram followers were more than happy to share their helpful tips and tricks for getting rid of the stubborn spots.

“If you take a nylon or dress sock and rub it on the deodorant mark, it comes right off,” read one response to Sarah’s post.

“Dryer sheets, after they already went through the dryer (very important step), magically erase the deodorant stains! Not a perfect system but better than nothing,” another commenter suggested.

“Rub the bottom of your shirt across the deodorant marks. For some reason fabric to fabric friction gets rid of it! Retail hack!” a third fan wrote.

Other fans recommended various natural deodorants or deodorant alternatives, including key limes and a mixture of coconut oil, baking soda and essential oil. A few commenters also swore that certain brands of men’s deodorant don’t leave marks.

“Can’t you just use car air fresheners as earrings?” quipped one of Sarah’s followers.

Spring Breakers star Vanessa Hudgens responded to Sarah’s post by letting her know how much she loves the actress. Vanessa often shares her own “Thirsty Thursday” posts on Instagram, and she was rocking a mostly black ensemble in one of her latest uploads. However, she was so drenched in sweat that she didn’t have to worry about deodorant marks.

In response to Vanessa, Sarah jokingly expressed some concern over her own Thirsty Thursday post, suggesting that it doesn’t measure up to Vanessa’s steamy photos and videos.

“My thirsty Thursday needs some work,” Sarah quipped.

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