WWE News: Former Champion Injured Again, But This Time On A Commercial Shoot

Some superstars have everything it takes to succeed and be a champion in WWE, but bad breaks are often dealt to them. Samoa Joe is one of the most popular superstars in the entire company, and he has been a part of major storylines. However, he’s also missed a lot of time due to multiple injuries. Now, reports are stating that he’s going to be out of action again for a while as he was recently injured during a commercial shoot.

Samoa Joe first signed with WWE in 2015 and spent a couple of years in NXT before heading up to the main roster. Since that time, he’s been involved in multiple angles where he’s chased world championships, and he has even held the WWE United States Championship on two different occasions.

Unfortunately, Joe has also had to deal with numerous injuries that have plagued his career and kept him out of the ring. His latest injury, though, is one that came out of nowhere and has nothing to do with the risks he takes inside a wrestling ring.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, WWE was shooting a commercial last week, which ended up leading to Joe’s injury. During the filming of a stunt, a bad table break occurred and Joe hit his head.

There has been no confirmed word on just how long Joe will be out of action, but sources have told Pro Wrestling Sheet that it could be a “considerable amount of time.”

Samoa Joe has dealt with a number of injuries during his time on WWE’s main roster. In August 2017, he suffered a knee injury that kept him out of action for two months. By the beginning of the next year, he suffered a foot injury that kept him out until after WrestleMania 34.

This past summer, Joe suffered an injury to his thumb, which kept him out of in-ring action for months. During his time out, he actually appeared as a commentator for Monday Night Raw a number of times and was praised for his work at the announce booth.

Samoa Joe’s most recent return included a babyface turn that saw him partner with Kevin Owens and the Viking Raiders to take on Seth Rollins and his crew. During this time, Joe suffered a concussion in a match, and he was absent for a couple of weeks before returning again on Raw last week. Now, this latest injury will keep him out of the ring again, and it’s not known when he’ll be back wrestling for WWE once more.

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