Kelly Ripa Talks About The Benefits Of Giving Up Drinking Wine: ‘I Liked The Way I Looked’

Kelly Ripa is giving up the bottle and the television host is never looking back.

This week, the Live With Kelly & Ryan host opened up about her recent decision to quit drinking wine, saying it was something that started as a one-off experiment and grew into a full-time decision when she saw how great she felt. In an interview with People that was posted on WFSB, the 49-year-old television host said she decided to quit drinking for an entire month and ended up feeling better both mentally and physically.

Though Ripa said she was a regular wine drinker before, she said giving it up was easy once she saw the benefits.

“I liked the way I felt. I liked the way I looked. And I thought that I would just stick with it. There was no real [reason],” Ripa said.

While it wasn’t exactly clear when the no-wine experiment started, the host said that she has been sticking to it since she first decided to give it up for a month.

She told her early morning viewers about the decision as well, joking in an episode of Live With Kelly & Ryan last month that she was partly to blame for a drop in wine consumption across the United States.

“They’re saying that Americans bought less wine last year,” Ripa said. “It’s the first drop in a quarter of a century. Now, I believe this is because I quit drinking, that I caused this dip. I have influenced the market.”

As OK! Magazine noted, the blonde has also been open about the overhauls she’s made to her diet in order to look and feel better. That included adhering to a high-alkaline diet, which is mostly vegan but did include some glasses of wine. Ripa is well-known for her strict adherence to diet and exercise routines, even if she did allow herself some small vices like wine.

With the beauty feeling better about the way she looks now that she has given up drinking wine, there may be some changes taking place in their household. As The Inquisitr reported, Ripa said that with her oldest daughter off to college and 16-year-old son Joaquin soon to follow, she has some big plans for life in the empty nest.

“We’re going to be totally naked. At all times. We are going to change the locks,” she said an interview with People, referring to her new empty nest life with husband Mark Conseulos.

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