Donald Trump’s ‘End Game Is Ivanka’s Face On Our Money,’ Says ‘Apprentice’ Staffer, Warning Of Trump ‘Dynasty’

In a speech last September, Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale declared that the Trump family’s rule over the United States will not end with the conclusion of the elder Trump’s term in office. In fact, Parscale said — as quoted by Politico — “the Trumps will be a dynasty that lasts for decades.”

This week, a former staff member on Trump’s reality TV show The Apprentice, who worked closely with him but now opposes him, echoed Parscale’s claim about a family “dynasty.”

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, former Apprentice staff member Noah Casler replied to a warning from journalist Sarah Kendzior, in which the reporter said that “the end game is an Ivanka Trump presidency,” referring to Trump’s elder daughter, who also serves as a senior White House adviser.

Kendzior noted that other journalists with whom she communicates “don’t understand we’re up against actual authoritarianism.” But Casler took Kendzior’s warning a step further.

“The end game is Ivanka’s face on our money,” Casler wrote, adding that Trump’s goal is to put his own family in a position to rule over the U.S. “for generations.”

Casler continued his warning by saying that the Trump family is now “much closer to that goal” than political observers in general now understand.

According to Noel Casler, Trump plans for his son, Donald Trump Jr. (pictured), to continue his rule.

But the former Apprentice staffer was not finished with warnings of his onetime boss’s plan to create a political dynasty. On Thursday, in a new Twitter post, he also warned that Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., may be next in line for the presidency.

“Y’all think Trump is awful, and he is, wait until Don Jr is charge,” Casler wrote. He added that those who do believe that Trump is “awful” will regret failing to do “everything” within their power to stop the dynasty from taking hold while there is a still a chance remaining to do so.

Casler has become an outspoken public critic of Trump. Yet, until recently, most of his attacks have focused on alleged drug use by the longtime reality TV star and New York real estate mogul. As recently as February 6, the day after the Senate impeachment trial concluded, Casler claimed that the newly acquitted Trump was “extra high” as he delivered what appeared to be a victory speech.

Trump has reportedly hinted that his goal is to create a political dynasty. In one recent Twitter post, Trump shared a meme portraying him as president for decades to come, well past the potential life span of the now 73-year-old.

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