‘My 600-LB Life’ Carlton & Shantel Oglesby Update: See How The Siblings Are Doing In Their Weight-Loss Journey

Carlton and Shantel Oglesby came to My 600-LB Life fighting similar, yet very separate battles. During their weeks and months in the intensive weight-loss program, they found some common triumphs.

The siblings both weighed more than 600 pounds and lived in the same house before appearing on the TLC docu-series, but their total lack of mobility made them essentially strangers, unable to walk just a few feet to the other’s room. As both shared, their addictions to food were sparked by difficult childhoods in a household racked with turmoil. As Distractify noted in its synopsis of the episode, Shantel even said that food had become “like a drug to me” and the only thing that could make her days better.

The journey to losing weight did not start easy. The siblings committed to moving from Ohio to Houston, where they would be working with famed bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. By the fourth day of the trip, Shantel was in such intense pain that Dr. Now had to travel to meet her at a hospital.

After a difficult start to the program in which both initially failed to lose enough weight to qualify for the weight-loss surgery, they both began making significant progress, each losing a little more than 130 pounds. With the surgeries, they continued to drop pounds. Carlton lost a total of 243 pounds while Shantel lost 215, but almost as importantly, each was able to shake some of the demons that led to their dangerous weight gain and began living happier and more fulfilled lives.

Amid a season with some very disparate results — some patients who lose hundreds of pounds and others who scrap their weight-loss program entirely — fans will want to know if Carlton and Shantel are able to continue losing weight after their time on My 600-LB Life. It does not appear that either Shantel or Carlton has a regular social media presence. Shantel does have a public Facebook page, but it appears that she hasn’t posted recently to show how much more weight has come off since the show stopped filming. The most recent picture was from nine months ago, and while it did show a thinner and happier Shantel, there is likely more progress since then.

Those looking for more updates on Carlton and Shantel after My 600-LB Life can also keep an eye on the show’s official page at TLC, which is updated regularly to show the progress of those who had been featured.

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