Maci Bookout Comments After Kailyn Lowry Says She Is ‘Set’ On Baby Boy Name: ‘Don’t Get Me Started’

Now that the news is out that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with baby number four, she is taking name suggestions from her friends and fans. Even Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout is chiming in and letting Kail know not to get her started.

Kailyn revealed that she may have a baby name picked out, as she noted in a tweet.

“I’m pretty sure I’m set on baby boy’s name – staying open minded but I think I’ve got the first name at least.”

The redheaded mom-of-three then replied to Kail’s tweet.

“You know from experience I’ll psycho text u with baby names hahaha don’t get me started!” Maci wrote.

Kailyn was open to Maci sharing some baby names with her, and it sounds like the two moms actually have similar taste when it comes to names. Kail mentioned that, in the past, they have both liked “Maverick” and “Nixon.” Interestingly, Maci named her youngest son Maverick. While Kail hasn’t used either of the names, she did consider the name Nixon for a previous pregnancy.

While Kailyn didn’t reveal the baby name that she is thinking about for her fourth son, she has teased some ideas on Twitter over the past couple of days. At one point, she mentioned the name “Beckham,” but it turns out she wasn’t serious about that one.

“I was just kidding. I’m really not naming him Beckham,” Kail replied in a tweet when one fan said she could use “Bex” as a nickname.

She has also teased the name “Austin,” after singer Post Malone, who Kailyn is a fan of.

It isn’t just the baby’s first name that Kailyn is thinking about, though, but also the middle. Her three boys all have middle names with double letters. Isaac’s middle name is Elliott, Lincoln’s middle name is Marshall, and Lux’s middle name is Russell. Kail wants to keep that theme going.

However, there is one double-letter name that Kail won’t be considering, and that is Wyatt, tweeting that she knows it may be an “unpopular opinion,” but she doesn’t like the name.

For now, Kailyn is staying quiet on what name she may be considering for baby number four. It is unclear if she will wait until her son is born to announce the name, or if she will reveal it in the near future. The reality show star has mentioned that things with this pregnancy have “been different,” including the fact that she decided to find out the gender before birth, something she had never done with her other pregnancies. With that being said, fans may end up finding out the name of her newest baby soon, as Kail seems to be doing things differently this time around.

Kailyn is due to give birth in July.

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