‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Mom-Shamed For Daughter’s Cheerleading Outfit And Makeup

Leah Messer’s daughter Aleeah loves cheerleading, and the proud mom often shares photos of her daughter at cheer competitions. Recently, though, the mom of three found herself being mom-shamed after she posted a photo of her daughter decked out in her cheerleading makeup and uniform.

The Teen Mom 2 star posted a photo of her daughter with one of her coaches. In the caption, Leah wrote that she was “thankful” her daughter had coaches that “support her dreams.” Although Aleeah is wearing a typical cheer uniform with stage makeup, some of Leah’s followers took to the comments section to criticize the 10-year-old’s cheer style.

One person wrote about the length of the cheer skirt.

“Is it just me or is her skirt way too short??”

“Beautiful but why so much makeup she looks like shes 17? Hope she conquers all her goals and fulfills her dreams,” another follower wrote.

While Leah didn’t comment, other fans backed up the reality show star, saying that the makeup is necessary since the girls are on stage performing. Others came to Leah’s defense by choosing to point out the positives.

“Yikes! You can’t even post a picture of your BEAUTIFUL daughter without being criticized and ridiculed. I can’t believe what people are insinuating because of her cheer uniform and makeup requirements for the team. Keyboard courage,” one fan wrote. “It looks like she’s having a great time! You’re awesome for providing a team outlet for her! I hope she crushes all the competitions this year!”

Although there were plenty of negative comments on the post, Leah didn’t pay any attention to them, choosing not to respond. Of course, the mom of three is not a stranger to online criticism from her followers.

Earlier this year, Leah herself was shamed after she posted a photo of herself promoting a weight-loss app. Some of the comments criticized the petite reality show star for promoting something “unhealthy” while others said they would be unfollowing her on social media. At the time, Leah did not respond to any of the negative comments on her post.

Despite the backlash Leah received, it is great that she is not letting the negativity get to her. Leah often shares photos of her other two daughters, Ali and Addie, taking part in their own activities. It is clear that Leah Messer loves her daughters and ensures they get to participate in many different things.

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