Dayna Kathan Reveals If She Watched ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Before Joining The Cast, Talks Dating

It turns out Dayna Kathan did tune into episodes of Vanderpump Rules before joining the full-time cast for Season 8.

After admitting to TooFab that she was a fan of the Bravo reality show in its early seasons, she added that she never thought “in a million years” that she would one day be working alongside the cast.

“I had watched the first few seasons but didn’t watch the last few because mostly I didn’t have cable,” she shared. “Like, I moved to California and was just like, ‘Well that’s an expense I’m not gonna have right now.’ So I just hadn’t really watched it, but yeah, I loved the show, loved the people.”

While Kathan loved the people she saw on the show during the early seasons of Vanderpump Rules, she didn’t exactly hit it off with everyone when she joined the staff at SUR Restaurant and began training with longtime cast member Scheana Shay. Although Kathan seemed to get along with some — including Jax Taylor, Ariana Madix and Brett Caprioni — she and Shay butted heads over what many believed was Shay’s jealousy over Kathan’s past romance with Max Boyens.

Following the first several episodes of Season 8, Kathan and Boyens’ relationship came to an end, and now Kathan is single and ready to move on from her short-lived fling with the TomTom manager, who Shay dated for one month prior to production last year.

Kathan is also still working at both SUR Restaurant and TomTom, and she claims no one asks her out “ever.”

According to TooFab, Kathan is likely struggling to date because her beauty intimates men and scares them from asking her out on a date. However, according to Kathan, she wouldn’t want someone who is intimidated by her. Instead, she’s hoping to find a man with confidence who can come right up to her and make the first move.

“I’ve heard that before, but it’s like, the person I’m gonna be with is gonna be someone so secure and someone who’s like happy to make the first move,” she explained. “If I liked someone, I would make a move, but I’m also really, really picky. And it takes a lot to hold my attention.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kathan also opened up to TooFab about her split from Boyens, explaining that viewers of Vanderpump Rules will have to tune in to see what went wrong between them.

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