Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Twitter

The nutters at the Westboro Baptist Church, best known for their protests of military funerals and “god hates fags” signs have a new target in their sites: Twitter.

From 4:30-5:00pm local time Thursday (January 28,) Westboro members will be picketing outside the headquarters of Twitter in San Francisco.

Just what their gripe with Twitter is though isn’t immediately clear from their page on the picket, although naturally it has something to do with God.

“They have a duty to God just like every other person to serve God and to use ALL their resources in their service to him” reads the explanation for the picket. But along with using Twitter themselves (they’ll actually be tweeting from the picket line,) the Church may actually be in part defending Twitter, well, if you can define the sentence “Obama’s about to take away any/all resources like Twitter to serve him and his Antichristic agenda, so enjoy this freedom while it lasts a little longer” a defense of free speech.

If you’re in San Francisco Thursday afternoon and want to taunt the nutters, Twitter HQ is as 795 Folsom St.

(in part via Carnalnation)

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