‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star James Kennedy’s Girlfriend Raquel Leviss Faces Getting Fired By Lisa Vanderpump

Will James Kennedy‘s girlfriend, Raquel Leviss, be fired from her waitressing gig at SUR Restaurant after missing her shift during last week’s Los Angeles Pride festival?

In a preview clip of the February 18 episode of Vanderpump Rules shared by Bravo, Leviss is seen sitting down with Lisa Vanderpump and explaining that she wasn’t at SUR because she ventured off to TomTom to check on Kennedy, who was DJing the event after being hired by general manager Max Boyens weeks prior.

According to Leviss, she wanted to visit with Kennedy briefly to make sure everything was going well but according to Vanderpump, she and her staff at SUR Restaurant were relying on Leviss to wait tables.

Because last year’s Los Angeles Pride festival was filled with bad memories for Leviss due to Kennedy’s heavy drinking and mean behavior towards her and other members of the Vanderpump Rules cast, including Katie Maloney, she felt that she had to babysit her boyfriend to ensure that he wasn’t getting out of control.

As fans saw during last week’s show, Kennedy was able to convince Boyens to give him a chance at the event as others expressed their concern over his potential drinking.

“I feel almost like I need to babysit him and I need to make sure that he’s okay but at the same time, I just don’t want to be on Lisa’s bad side,” Leviss explained in a cast confessional as she sat for producers in a stunning one-shoulder gown.

As the Vanderpump Rules clip continued, Vanderpump was seen warning Leviss not to go down the same path that her boyfriend went years ago, giving a nod to the path that led her to fire Kennedy in Season 7. Right away, Leviss defends herself, telling her boss that she is a very responsible person.

In response, Vanderpump corrected Leviss, saying that she is a responsible person “most of the time” and pointing out that she disappeared during Los Angeles Pride and never came back to SUR Restaurant for her shift.

“Any other restaurant you’d be fired for that,” Vanderpump noted. “I’m thinking about [firing you].”

Vanderpump then tells Leviss, who begged her not to fire her, that she would instead write her up for her mistake.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Leviss was seen admitting on the show that Kennedy was jealous of her after she was hired at SUR Restaurant months after he was given the boot.

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