Jessa Duggar And Her Son Spurgeon Give A Hilarious ‘Messy House’ Tour

Jessa Duggar gave her fans a tour of her “real-life messy house” in a new YouTube video, and the Counting On star’s 4-year-old son, Spurgeon, stole the show by helping his mother out.

At the beginning of her video, Jessa, 27, explained that she was going to give her viewers two different tours. The first was filmed before she cleaned the house, and the second was filmed after her kids helped her tidy it up.

Jessa began the tour in the kitchen, where Spurgeon kicked things off by informing viewers that his family uses honey on their pancakes. He then explained that they use the kitchen sink to “wash stuff so that we wouldn’t have to use the small bathroom sink.”

Jessa’s other children, 3-year-old Henry and 8-month old Ivy Jane, made an appearance when she moved to the dining room. Jessa showed off the proliferation of scratch marks on the dining room table, which were caused by Henry banging his spoon on it.

Jessa let Spurgeon explain why there were clothes hanging on the backs of the dining room chairs. He said it was so that they “wouldn’t have to put it on something else to get all the wetness everywhere.”

In the living room, an excited Henry contributed to the tour by showing off his Chick-fil-A gift card, while Spurgeon revealed that one of his favorite books is one that makes bird sounds.

When the group moved to the bedroom that Jessa shares with husband Ben Seewald, Jessa explained that their “beloved Christmas tree” was in their room because the family simply wasn’t ready to put it away yet.

“I love it better in the living room,” Spurgeon added. “Because it was out in the living room for a hundred of years.”

When they were giving viewers a tour of the bathroom, Jessa revealed that Spurgeon had emptied an entire roll of toilet paper into the commode, and it was probably going to have to be removed by hand. Her son explained why the family has a toilet.

“If we need to go the potty while this potty’s not here, we can’t go to the bathroom, and we would just have to pee all over ourselves,” Spurgeon said.

When Spurgeon gave a tour of the room he shares with Henry, he introduced viewers to his “friend Teddy,” a stuffed teddy bear. Spurgeon explained that Teddy was wearing a diaper constructed out of a napkin and tape “so that he won’t pee in my bed.”

Jessa revealed that the boys’ bedroom doubles as Ben’s office and her son explained why no girls are allowed inside it.

“Girls cannot come in here,” Spurgeon said. “So if girls come in here, then cockroaches will come over and sneak for girls,” he said.

When Jessa gave a tour of the cleaned-up house, Spurgeon showed off some of his artwork hanging on the dining room wall. It included drawings of a robot, a whale, a girl wearing a hair bow, and “Jesus dying on the cross.”

You can check out the entire tour below.

This isn’t the first time Spurgeon has helped his mom with one of her YouTube videos. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, he also appeared in Jessa’s video about how to be a good hostess.

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