‘Civilization V’ Gets Release Date For ‘Brave New World’ Expansion

Civilization V fans can now rejoice as they will soon know when the next expansion pack is due to hit their computers. Brave New World was announced as a new expansion pack about 10 days ago. Back then, the only dates given were “sometime this summer.”

Now Firaxis has announced that their newest expansion pack will be out on the market on July 9 in North America. The UK can get their hands on the DLC on July 12. Among the things that will included in this particular addition will be two new campaigns as well as nine new civilizations.

Civilization V will also give the ability to get new units and new buildings. It seems likely that most of these new units will be tied to the new civilizations, but you have to hope that all of the civilizations are going to get some new swag.

While getting the ability to control and play with a ton of new units, buildings, and civilizations would be fun all on its own, the PAX conference stirred up yet another little detail.

Crossovers seem to be the new big thing when it comes to video games. We’ve all heard about the fact that Left4Dead and Resident Evil just finished putting together a crossover. Now apparently Civilization V and Xcom are having their own little crossover.

Rumor has it that the Brave New World expansion will actually allow you to have Xcom be your paratroopers. There are no details as to whether you have to be a specific civilization or whether you can expand Xcom troopers to whatever civilization you are playing as.

Honestly, when you are talking about a cute little crossover like that, people are probably going to be playing as whatever civ will all0w them access to those troops.

The final little leak from the PAX panel is that Ashurbanipal of Assyria will be one of the nine new rulers.

Are you excited for the Civilization V expansion pack Brave New World?

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