‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle’s Fate After The Wiley Reveal Is In Question

The wait is almost over. This week on General Hospital, Michael will find out that his son is alive, and that Nelle and Brad have been keeping the secret about Wiley from him for months. The impact will be severe, and emotions will play a big part in the reveal as Lucas is expected to start having flashbacks of the night Brad confessed. Nelle is still planning on snatching Wiley and leaving Port Charles for good, but it sounds like her plans will be taking a detour.

Nelle won’t be at Lucas and Brad’s party this week. When Michael finds out the truth, she won’t be there to see the sparks fly. There are no details just yet on when she catches wind that the secret has been spilled and that Michael knows all, but SheKnows Soaps does say that she will be making a discreet exit. What does that mean? Will she eavesdrop on what’s happening and decide to quietly leave before she is confronted?

The original thinking was that Nelle would be exiting with Wiley, but now it doesn’t seem very likely that would come into play. By the following week after the reveal, Nelle’s name is still in the spoilers, so that means she must still be in town at that point.

What will Nelle’s fate be? There are rumors swirling that she will soon end up dead. However, that is only speculation for now. She could also go back to Pentonville or just leave Port Charles to go on the run.

Sonny and Carly won’t take it well when they find out what Nelle did the night that her and Michael’s baby was born. Michael was left thinking that their infant son died, and he has been mourning him for a year and a half now. Sonny will be furious not only with Nelle, but also with Brad and Julian who kept it all a secret.

The Inquisitr had recently given a few details of the preview clip that the soap put out on Sunday. There are many players involved in this fiasco, with Michael Corinthos in the middle of it all. General Hospital fans are anxious to see his reaction to what Lucas will say when he remembers what happened the night of the car accident. Nelle has a lot of explaining to do, unless she hightails it out of Port Charles first before she is confronted by the father of her baby and his angry family.

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