WWE Rumors: The Real Reasons For The Undertaker Vs. AJ Styles At ‘WrestleMania 36’

There has not been much actually revealed by WWE for WrestleMania 36 yet, but one rumored match has the possibility of being huge. The Undertaker did not have a match at last year’s big event, but the speculation is that he’ll face AJ Styles in Tampa this year. Even though it hasn’t officially been announced as of this time, the rumored match is likely to happen and there are some major reasons as to why it will take place.

The Undertaker has not wrestled much in the last few years and usually only appears for big pay-per-views or special events. His last match was at last year’s Extreme Rules where he partnered with Roman Reigns to defeat Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin in a tag team bout.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the rumors going around are that Styles and Taker will face off against each other at WrestleMania 36. Styles has never faced The Undertaker before which would make this a first-time dream match for all to enjoy, but why is it happening?

The two superstars would need to start building their feud soon and that will likely begin on an upcoming episode of Friday Night SmackDown. As far as storylines go, no one knows how the match will be written in, but WWE has many backstage reasons to partner these two together.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Ringside News, this match is taking place to essentially protect Styles and The Undertaker. Dave Meltzer explained that Styles’ current status on the card and the fact that he is who he is will keep him safe against the legend.

“Number one, AJ Styles is a heel. Number two, AJ Styles can lose to Undertaker and it ain’t gonna hurt him at all. Number 3, if you’re gonna have Undertaker in match, you might as well have it against one of your best guys so it doesn’t suck, you know what I mean?”

Styles has played the heel role very well for months now as the leader of The O.C., and The Undertaker will always be the babyface in a match. Last month at the Royal Rumble, Styles suffered an injury that has kept him off of television recently, but he’s expected to return soon.

WrestleMania 36 would be a huge event with or without The Undertaker wrestling, but fans love seeing him perform. Having him face off against AJ Styles would give WWE a way of getting him on the card without burying or hurting a talent who is trying to make their way up the ladder.

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