WWE News: Zelina Vega Dismisses Claims Of Romantic Involvement With ‘Monday Night Raw’ Superstar

Zelina Vega took to Twitter over the weekend to address speculation about her relationship with WWE superstar Angel Garza, who she’s been managing on recent episodes of Monday Night Raw. According to Vega, her relationship with the former Cruiserweight Champion is “strictly business,” and the pair are in no way romantically involved.

The rumors started following WWE.com‘s announcement that Bobby Lashley and Garza will team up to face Rusev and Humberto Carillo on the upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw. The news prompted Lana to discuss the match on her own social media account, where she claimed the “two sexiest couples in WWE” — meaning Garza and Vega and Lana and Lashley — will combine their talents to defeat their opponents on the show.

It’s highly likely that Lana was speaking in character, but at least Vega’s response cleared up any confusion about her relationship with Garza.

In real life, Vega is in a relationship with Aleister Black, but it hasn’t been acknowledged in company storylines at the time of this writing. Garza, on the other hand, proposed to his actual girlfriend, Zaide, inside an NXT ring back in December, right after he won the Cruiserweight Championship from Lio Rush.

However, this isn’t the first time where there has been confusion about Vega’s relationship with one of her clients in company storylines.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Charlotte Flair was asked how she felt about Andrade — who is her real-life boyfriend — being so close to another woman on WWE television. While Flair knows it’s just business between them — and the pairing of Vega and Andrade has never been acknowledged as romantic in storylines — their bond has led some fans to think otherwise.

Vega was paired with Garza following Andrade’s 30-day suspension. The United States Champion was written off of television by after violating the company’s Wellness Policy, and Vega has been using Garza to continue the rivalry against Carillo and Rey Mysterio.

Andrade is expected to return to action soon, and it’s highly likely that he’ll align with Garza and Vega will manage the duo. Vega’s character is the closest thing WWE has to an old school wrestling manager who guides clients to success, and Garza is merely her latest professional acquisition.

However, the world of WWE is unpredictable and the company is prone to booking romance angles. It’s entirely possible that Vega will fall head over heels for a superstar as part of a storyline at a later date.

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