‘Breaking Bad’ Script Stolen From Bryan Cranston’s Car

Don’t be surprised if you see some Breaking Bad spoilers hit the internet sometime soon because scripts from the show’s final episodes were reportedly stolen from star Bryan Cranston’s car.

According to ABC, Cranston reported to police on March 1 that someone broke into his car. An iPad, a bag, and a copy of his Breaking Bad script were supposedly stolen during the theft.

Police have made an arrest but they have not been able to recover the script.

According to KOAT.com, Xavier McAfee was arrested this weekend after he was allegedly overheard talking about the theft at a bar. McAfee reportedly claimed that he had Cranston’s iPad which contained at least one script from the show’s final 8 episodes.

Breaking Bad will come to an end after this season and fans are eager to see what happens to meth-dealing Walter White. The script hasn’t been recovered yet so there is a possibility that it will leak before next season airs.

If McAfee really did steal Cranston’s iPad and if he really does have the script he should make sure to apologize immediately. Walter White may, just may, let him live.

Of course, this is what happened to the last guy who tried to take something from Heisenberg.

The ending of Breaking Bad is, for the moment, a well kept secret. AMC has, however, released a few looks at the final 8 episodes.

Are you excited for the Breaking Bad finale?

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