Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Are Chided For Their ‘Worldly’ Lifestyle Posts Instead Of Showing Charity Work

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo seem to be doing quite well now that they are settled into their new life in Los Angeles, California. They moved last summer, along with their 1-year-old daughter Felicity, and the Counting On stars love to show their Instagram followers all the new things that are happening in their family. However, some fans seem to have a problem with how much money the couple spends and decided to call them out on it.

Taking to his Instagram account recently, Jeremy Vuolo posted a photo of himself getting ready to travel to visit with family out east, as he mentioned in the caption. He is carrying a couple of packed leather bags that he says excites him because that means he gets to travel and explore the world. He and his famous wife do their share of traveling, especially to go visit with both sides of their families. However, this particular post seems to have brought about some controversy among a few people who think that the reality stars flaunt themselves too much on social media rather than share inspirational messages.

Jinger and Jeremy both share plenty of family photos and food posts from various restaurants and coffee shops in the area. They have admitted how much they love to go explore and see new things. But some people are majorly upset that they post too much of their lifestyle instead of showing off their charity work.

In addition, some questioned how the Vuolos could possibly afford leather bags, traveling expenses, and nice cars. They commented that most pastors do not live that lavishly and that “showing off” their nice clothes and eating out habits is not what they should be doing.

“Most pastors don’t have enough money to travel!!. But here you guys are traveling the country, have a beautiful home in a very nice area, nice cars,” one social media user said.

A few people also took offense to the couple still living in the church’s ministry home that they moved into. In an episode of Counting On, they said that they were offered to live there for about six months until they could find their own house. It appears that they are still residing in the same house.

One Instagram follower addressed Jeremy personally wanting him to explain himself. He has yet to respond, but Duggar fans have certainly come to his defense. They reminded the naysayers that Jinger and Jeremy have more than just a pastor’s salary. They are also making money from their TV show and Jeremy used to be a professional soccer player. They are likely not hurting for money right now.

However, fans may feel about the couple sharing only lifestyle posts instead of inspirational ones, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are living their best life right now. They just celebrated Valentine’s Day with each other and with Felicity. Fans of Counting On love to see how they are faring in L.A.

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