‘Bachelor’ Contestant MyKenna Dorn Says She’s Received Hurtful Messages And Death Threats

MyKenna Dorn is a 22-year-old fashion blogger who appeared on this season of The Bachelor starring Peter Weber. While she did develop feelings for Weber, he ultimately decided to send her home. Since then, she’s been the target of a lot of online bullying. She even claims to have received death threats, according to TV Show Ace.

While it is impossible to please everyone, Dorn is getting more hate messages than she could have ever expected. While she’s trying to keep her head up and stay positive, she admits that she’s human and many of the messages do sting.

In a string of Twitter posts, Dorn called out those who are bullying her through social media. She questioned why they feel the need to criticize someone they’ve never even met.

“You can just never win with this society today. I’m choosing to look at all the positives today and not the negative people that have no love in their hearts. What power does it give you when you tweet and DM negative comments about someone you don’t even know?”

She went on to address the fact that she knows she made mistakes on the show, but she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.

“We all signed up for love not hate mail and death threats. It’s easy to block out the negative comments and rise above but sometimes it really hurts. We are all human. We are not perfect.. we make mistakes,” she said.

Dorn left The Bachelor on a pretty sour note. She and fellow contestant Tammy Ly got into some drama that resulted in a fed up Weber pitting them against each other on a two-on-one date. They both talked smack about the other during their one-on-one time with Weber. Initially, it seemed that he trusted Dorn because he sent Ly home, leaving a smirking Dorn who thought she was going to continue pursuing a relationship with Weber. Nevertheless, he ended up sending her home at the rose ceremony that same evening.

Dorn’s been the subject of many memes since going home, some more kind than others. Most of the memes feature the bizarre facial expressions she made throughout the show, at times even sticking her tongue out during tense situations.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, even Ellen DeGeneres got a laugh out of Dorn’s expressions and played a clip of them on her show.

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