Hoda Kotb Struggles To Remember The Name Of Jenna Bush Hager’s Son During An Interview

Hoda Kotb and her Today Show co-host Jenna Bush Hager are close friends as well as colleagues as fans of the show well know. However, Kotb was recently put on the spot during an interview with Andy Cohen during which she was asked if she knew the name of Hager’s son who just turned 3-months-old. Kotb visibly struggled in an awkward moment before blurting out the correct name, as Today reported.

In all fairness, Hager’s son does have a somewhat confusing name with a lot of alliteration. While his real name is Henry Harold Hager, Hager and her husband Henry Hager just call him Hal.

“Hoda, what’s the name of my child?” Hager asked Kotb playfully during the Cohen interview.

Kotb paused briefly before turning to a bewildered Cohen and admitting she’s had trouble with this.

“I keep forgetting!” she said with a laugh.

“Do you know? What’s the name of my child? You know it! Be honest. We practiced,” Hager pressed her colleague, whispering the name under her breath.

“Hal! Hal! Hal!” Kotb eventually exclaimed, clearly embarrassed by her oversight.

Luckily there are no hurt feelings on the part of Hager who only laughed about it during their show the next day. She revealed that all the H’s are a bit hard to keep track of considering the fact that while Hager’s husband’s real name is Henry, she calls him Hank. In addition, Kotb also has a lot of H’s in her own family. Her daughters are named Haley Joy and Hope Catherine.

“Like our own mini Kardashian tribe,” Hager said with a laugh.

There is something about the dynamic between Hager and Kotb’s friendship that has fans hooked, keeping their ratings high. Hager only just joined the show as Kotb’s official new sidekick in the spring of last year after Kathie Lee Gifford had filled the spot for many years. Thus far things seem to be working, with the pair even welcoming a studio audience during two days out of the week starting this month. They’ve also welcomed some pretty high profile guests, with Oprah Winfrey being the most notable recently.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Hager worked hard behind the scenes to make one of Kotb’s dreams come true. Kotb had never met Winfrey and desperately wanted to interview her one day. Hager was able to pull through and Winfrey joined them as a guest for their second live show last week.

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