‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Peter Weber’s Hometown Date With Victoria Fuller Hits A Juicy Snag

Peter Weber is off to meet the families during Episode 8 of The Bachelor, and spoilers tease that there is major drama ahead during his time with Victoria Fuller. A new sneak peek for the episode airing on Monday, February 17, shares a glimpse into what prompts the conflict for Peter and Victoria.

The new preview detailed by Entertainment Weekly shares the scoop. As the teaser reveals, someone The Bachelor knows will show up during Peter’s time with Victoria and what she has to say will shake things up in a big way.

EW teases that this “mystery woman comes for Victoria” and that this woman will share something with Peter about “the moody brunette.”

ABC blurred out all of the identifiable specifics regarding this mystery woman, although The Bachelor spoilers have already revealed the basics about this lady and upcoming encounter.

As this juicy situation was filmed last fall, blogger Reality Steve had all the details. It turns out that this mystery lady is a woman named Merissa Pence, and she dated Peter quite a few years ago.

The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve indicate that she’s not an ex who is showing up to try to win Peter back. Rather, she knows Victoria and wants Peter to know about the side of Victoria that those who run in her social circle know.

Merissa will catch up to Peter while he’s enjoying the daytime portion of his date with Victoria. Later, just before The Bachelor pair heads in to have dinner with Victoria’s family, spoilers detail that Peter will bring up the talk he had with Merissa.

As they seemingly sit on the stairs outside the house where they’re slated to have dinner, Peter will tell Victoria that he’s just asking for the truth from her. The Bachelor spoilers reveal that she’ll get rather flustered and upset. She’ll say that it doesn’t matter anymore, a response that confuses and agitates Peter.

Peter will blurt out a seemingly heated “Excuse me?” and Victoria will reply in a pretty hostile-sounding tone. This exchange may well remind The Bachelor viewers of another testy exchange that Peter and Victoria had recently when she told him it seemed that he was always in a mood.

Will Peter decide that he has finally reached his limit on these tense exchanges with Victoria? The Bachelor spoilers tease that there are more ups and downs with this dynamic on the way, and viewers won’t see the end of it in Episode 8.

Victoria’s hometown won’t be the only one with some tense moments and dramatic developments, but it seems that it will be wild enough to stand out from the rest. Despite all of that, The Bachelor spoilers hint that there are some unexpected outcomes on the way, and fans will not want to miss this upcoming episode.

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