‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Friday: Nina Approaches Jax & Valentin Has Questions For Helena

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s episode suggest that tensions will be running high, and that people throughout Port Charles will be feeling quite emotional. Valentin is sinking into deep despair over twists in his life he didn’t anticipate, but it looks like Nina will be looking ahead to the possibility of new beginnings.

The sneak peek for Friday’s show, shared via Twitter, gave fans a hint at what’s ahead. As everybody saw during Thursday’s episode, Valentin slipped to a dark place after learning that he apparently isn’t a Cassadine, also overhearing that Nina kissed Jax. He imagined shooting Jax, and as he wallowed in his suite at the Metro Court, he envisioned Helena standing in front of him.

Nina and Jax both got some encouragement from others suggesting that they shouldn’t give up on a romance so easily. Now, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Nina will take the first step in potentially restarting this budding relationship. The preview shows Nina in Jax’s office, and she’ll ask if something is an option — or if it’s too late.

Viewers will have to tune in on Friday to see if she’s specifically talking about romance, or rather trying to dance around that by broaching a different topic. Jax is seen smiling as she awkwardly asks him about this, but SheKnows Soaps details that after his conversation with Maxie, he’s feeling encouraged to pursue this as well. Given that state of affairs, he may not make her work too hard for love.

While things are looking up for Nina, Valentin is facing some of the darkest days he’s had in years. The DNA test that he and Alexis took showed that they were not siblings, and this seems to indicate that Valentin is not a Cassadine after all.

Helena died years ago, but she’s back this week — in a sense. As Valentin struggled to accept these shockers, he came to envision Helena standing in front of him in his suite. General Hospital spoilers indicate that he’ll ask her how she pulled off such a horrible lie about him being a Cassadine.

General Hospital spoilers share that Valentin will pull himself together again, at least to an extent, and cross paths with Lulu during Monday’s show. He’s got Nelle anxious to strike a deal with him — for the ELQ stock — and Martin’s working on acquiring additional shares, so it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere yet.

As Valentin tries to pull his life back together again, General Hospital spoilers tease that Nina and Jax may not wait too long to hit the sheets. Is she really done with Valentin for good? Is Valentin facing any additional shockers in the days ahead? Fans are intrigued to see where this all heads next, and Friday’s episode should give people a sense of what’s to come.

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