‘SimCity’ Gets Big Price Cut On Amazon.com

SimCity has not been out on the market for a month yet and Amazon.com is already offering the game up for a pretty large discount.

The game has seen plenty of problems since it was released, mostly thanks to the always on features that were supposed to encourage more cooperation between players used to a single player format.

The problems were so severe that EA and Maxis actually ended up offering up free games to people who bought the game and tried to get online while the servers for the game were overloaded.

SimCity players who went through all of that probably won’t be very happy to find out that those who have come late to the game can pick up a copy for $20 less than the regular price.

Amazon.com is running a sale that will get you a copy of the newest version of SimCity for just $40. It doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to discount a game that has actually been selling pretty well but this could be a way to get angry customers off of Amazon’s back.

If you take a look at the actual sales page you’ll notice the game is currently “boasting” a customer review rating of 1.5 stars. That is despite the fact that the game appears to be the sites top video game seller.

This looks to be a way for Amazon to stay above the fray and avoid the ire of gamers who might take out their frustration about the game on any companies that are just selling it.

The cherry on the cupcake, or the final insult, depending on which direction you are coming at this from is that if you download the game and activate it today you will be able to get the free apology game as well.

SimCity users who didn’t have to deal with the majority of the server areas can basically get two games for less than the regular price of one.

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