Woods, Palmer Fight Thugs In PGA Tour 14 Commercial ‘The Rumble’

Woods, Palmer, Thugs… they all duke it out in a new PGA Tour 14 commercial called The Rumble.

The beginning of the The Rumble shows Woods and Palmer confronting thugs in a hangar while walking to private jet. The thugs want Woods and Palmer to surrender their PGA tour trophies which they miraculously keep in their jackets.

Woods and Palmer obviously refuse, but things get kind of weird when you suddenly have both golfers pulling off martial arts moves to protect their trophies. The original group of thugs are dispatched, but a particularly large thug appears, who even Arnold Palmer cannot defeat with a series of punches.

Here comes Lee Trevino to the rescue, using a zip-line to enter the fight. Trevino takes out this thug with a few quick slaps to the inner thighs. Seriously.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 does not feature fighting, but it does have the full range of golfers you’d expect. The Xbox 360 version of this game is also the first in the series to feature full support for the Kinect. So, yeah, it could be said that gamers will be expected to get much more physical than a typical golfing video game.

The release of the video is also well-timed considering who just won the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Tiger Woods picked up his 77th PGA Tour victory on Monday, and according to the the Arnold Palmer Invitational leaderboard, he maintained quite a lead. The Tiger Woods win means he is now the top-ranked golfer in the world for the first time in 29 months.

What do you think about Woods and Palmer fighting thugs in The Rumble?

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