‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers Video Sneak Peek: The Legend Of Victor Newman

A brand-new The Young and the Restless spoilers video sneak peek shows off some of Eric Braeden’s most pivotal scenes as the legendary Victor Newman in Genoa City over the last 40 years. Braeden debuted as Victor on February 8, 1980, and the storyline honoring him comes as part of the soap’s February sweeps.

The soap’s official Twitter account tweeted out a promo video inviting viewers to tune in for Eric Braeden’s 40th-anniversary tribute next Wednesday, February 19. The tweet also noted that although Braeden has turned Victor into a legend over the past four decades, Victor is just getting started. The No. 1 rated CBS Daytime drama plans three full days of episodes to mark Braeden’s milestone achievement. They will include the grand gala that Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) planned to honor Newman Enterprises’ 50th anniversary along with Victor. The teaser video showed a small hint at all the flashback moments for next Wednesday’s episode, taking viewers on a trip down memory lane and revealing how The Mustache earned his nickname.

The flashbacks in the sneak peek included Victor holding a newborn Adam (now Mark Grossman), proclaiming him his little boy. Another iconic moment that appeared is when Victor smashed a painting and yelled at a stoical Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), promising to crush him. Then later, Victor told Jack he didn’t begin to understand the power of Victor Newman. Throughout the years, Victor and Jack have been enemies and rivals, and only recently have they managed to reach the point where they have an uneasy truce.

There is also a clip of Victor and Nikki’s lavish first wedding where she wore a gown fit for a princess as they danced, staring into each other’s eyes surrounded by glowing candlelight. Victor also promised Nikki that nothing would ever keep them apart.

In one memorable moment, Victor angrily declared that he is The Victor Newman, and he’s made his own life. In many of the sequences, Victor boxed, fought others, and generally caused problems. Of course, the video also showed the terrifying moment when J.T. Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill) pushed Victor down the stairs at The Ranch, nearly causing him to lose his life.

The preview also replayed a poignant moment between Victor and Nick (Joshua Morrow), where Victor heard Nick say that he’s the greatest man he’s ever known, and The Mustache told Nick he could not have said anything that meant more. Victor also gave Victoria (Amelia Heinle) a pep talk about how he’d raised her to be a strong woman. As for Adam, Victor let his younger son know that a declaration of war crossed the line. The Mustache also issued a threat to somebody, warning that person not to mess with him or his family as the video replayed precious moments between Victor and his grandchildren.

In all, the clips revealed a small look into the treat that viewers will enjoy next week when the soap pays tribute to the legendary character and the actor who brought him to life.

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