Fitness Model Jen Selter Trains Lower Body In Red Leggings And Sports Bra For New Instagram Video

Fitness model Jen Selter gave fans some workout ideas with her most recent Instagram video. Dressed in red leggings and a strappy sports bra, the brunette “butt selfie” queen targetted her lower body during the circuit. She started the video with a series of dumbbell step-ups. With the weights in hand, she repeatedly stepped onto a bench leading with her left leg. In the caption, she instructed viewers to do their reps on this side before switching to the right. She also recommended focusing the movement on the glutes and hamstrings instead of “bouncing off ” the back leg.

Next, she moved on to Bulgarian split squats into hops. For this exercise, she positioned herself in front of the bench and rested one foot on it. Then she bent her front knee, lowering herself for a couple of seconds until she straightened her leg once more. She also hopped on her front foot before doing another repetition. In the caption, Jen advised to keep the torso upright during the exercise and to keep the back foot on the bench throughout.

Those split squats were followed by single-leg elevated glute bridges. This exercise required her to lie on the floor with one foot resting on the bench in front of her and the other in the air. She lifted her hips off of the floor multiple times and instructed fans to keep the left one aligned with the right when they do the exercise.

Later, she transitioned into doing double-leg elevated glute bridges during which she placed the leg that was elevated onto the bench. She repeated the hip thrusts again until the video ends.

The video has been viewed almost 30,000 times since its upload. In the comments sections, fans raved over the video.

“You are always the most beautiful. Love you,” one fan wrote.

Others seemed to want to become Jen’s workout buddy.

“Ummm Jen when am I going to be able to workout with you and this view?!” another added.

This isn’t the first time that Jen has shared a workout video with her 12.8 million Instagram followers. In a video from earlier this month, she performed a circuit of exercises with a cable pulley machine all while wearing a blue sports bra and a matching pair of leggings. Her workout included alternating and single-leg step-ups, single-arm curls, and single-arm shoulder presses.

“This step-up and pulley combination is a great way to incorporate your upper and lower body with limited space!” she wrote in the caption.

The video proved popular with fans as it has been viewed close to 170,000 times since its upload.

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