Jordyn Woods Gets Slammed For Using Kobe Bryant’s Gym For ‘Clout,’ The Model Defends Herself Online

The tragic death of Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, and seven others has caused tension online for some people. Jordyn Woods recently posted a workout video on Instagram, and one fan attacked her for using the Mamba Sports Academy to get extra attention.

On Monday, the model shared a post of herself working out as she struggled to get a rhythm on a leg machine she had not tried before. The post has over 236,000 likes, and although her outfit caught the eyes of most, it was the banner above Woods that stirred up some controversy.

In the rafters above her were several Mamba Sports Academy banners. This is the training facility founded by Bryant which was the gym where Gianna’s basketball team played and is where the helicopter was headed before it crashed.

One keen-eyed follower noticed the banners and believed the 22-year-old was only posting the clip to get “clout” for visiting the Los Angeles Lakers legend’s facility.

“This seems very clout-ish,” the user wrote. “Mamba Sport Academy? Since when…?”

“I agree with you. It was totally timed,” another follower chimed in. “Thank u for saying what we were all thinking.”

Another person said they agreed Woods went to this particular facility for attention, but they appreciated the extra publicity Bryant’s gym was getting.

Not everyone thought the post was ill-timed, as several fans came to the Instagram model’s defense, saying they would visit the gym if they lived nearby.

Later, the influencer posted a photo of a purple shake — which was in a Mamba Sports Academy cup — on her Instagram stories.

Woods had not gone alone, and her workout buddy was quick to defend her in the comments. Apparently, it was the friend’s idea to hit up the academy for a workout. She praised the gym, claiming to be a frequent visitor.

“I’ve been going to Mamba for a few months now and I asked her if she wanted to go with me this morning,” her friend replied. “Relax. It’s an amazing facility.”

The model thanked her friend for stepping in and clarifying.

“Facts. Happy you took me. [I]t’s so nice. People just have anything to say,” Woods wrote, along with the hands-up emoji.

Gianna honed her basketball skills at this gym and was a rising star in the sport. She had dreams to play for the famed University of Connecticut Huskies women’s program, and was honored by the team with a touching tribute saying, “Mambacita is forever a Husky.”

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