HS Senior Lifts 700 Pounds [Video]

A high school senior lifted 700 pounds this weekend.

Yes, 700 pounds.

If you aren’t impressed with the number consider this: Matt Poursoltani’s 700 pound lift is more than most NFL players can bench press. In fact, the NFL bench press record is only 5 pounds heavier than Poursoltani’s lift.

According to NESN, the NFL bench press record of 705 pounds was set by 325-pound Larry Allen. In comparison, Poursoltani weighs just 270 pounds.

But what makes the Pilot Point HS senior’s lift even more impressive is that Poursoltani’s best lift last year was just 570 pounds.

Poursoltani’s amazing feat has many people wondering if he has been taking steroids. The HS senior dismissed the rumor, however, saying that he wouldn’t still be in the sport if he had to take something to help him work out.

Poursoltani said: “If you need something to help you work out, you need to get out of the sport … If you can’t drive yourself that hard to come in here and work out, then it’s probably just not for you.”

So what does he use instead? According to a recent profile of the athlete the Pilot Point senior eats 6 sunny side eggs every day (along whatever meat he can find) for breakfast, protein shakes and a deli meat sandwich for lunch, and one recent dinner consisted of two 16-ounce steaks.

Here’s a video of the HS senior lifting 700 pounds.

The HS senior’s 700 pound lift may rival the NFL record but Poursaltini has a long way to go to hit the all-time record. Ryan Kennelly set the all-time bench press record when he lifted 1,075 pounds in 2008.

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