Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jax Is Rethinking Things & Valentin Is Furious

Thursday is slated to bring a wild episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that as both Jax and Valentin try to cope with their romantic feelings for Nina, things will get intense and complicated.

During Wednesday’s show, Maxie needled Jax about the Nina situation. It quickly became clear as the two bantered that both Jax and Nina are interested in pursuing a romantic relationship. Due to some miscommunication and missed signals, however, they both think that the other one is hesitant.

Jax eventually thanked Maxie for her work as Cupid and the two grinned as they seemed to embrace being on the same page about Nina. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps suggest that Jax will move forward with something of an open mind in perhaps pursuing Nina romantically after all.

As Maxie was encouraging Jax, Ava was doing the same with Nina. Ava may not have the best track record with love in her own personal life, but even Nina had to admit that she was providing some useful help in trying to figure out the Jax situation.

Right as Nina and Ava were wrapping up their conversation, Valentin was seen right outside the gallery entrance. He was already in a rough mental state after learning that he isn’t a Cassadine after all. Then, he overheard Ava mention that Jax had kissed Nina. General Hospital spoilers hint that this will lay the groundwork for an intense show on February 13.

The sneak peek for Thursday’s show details that Ava and Nina will continue their chat, having no idea that Valentin is eavesdropping. General Hospital spoilers share that Ava will emphatically state that Valentin will kill Jax, and the context of this is likely that Valentin will be incredibly angry with Jax and jealous if he learns of the kiss.

Will Valentin reveal that he is there listening to all of this? How long will he stay and listen? Viewers will find out more on Thursday, but the sneak peek did tease one more tantalizing tidbit. It showed Valentin seemingly shooting a gun, and this was also shown in the weekly preview.

General Hospital spoilers for the week indicated that Valentin would surprise Jax and pull out a gun to shoot him. It seems virtually guaranteed that this is essentially a dream sequence that perhaps Valentin, or maybe Nina, has in thinking about Jax kissing Nina. Now, it appears that fans will find out during the next show.

Valentin is going to be making an announcement during Thursday’s show and fans will be curious to see if this is about the DNA test results, his love for Nina, or something else. General Hospital spoilers reveal that there are wicked days ahead for Valentin and those around him, and viewers cannot wait to see where this heads.

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