Ex-NFL Star Larry Johnson Blasts Dwyane Wade For Supporting Trans Child, Accuses Him Of Sacrificing Son

Most people have shown support for Dwyane Wade‘s child coming out as transgender, but ex-NFL running back Larry Johnson is among those that have voiced their displeasure with the family. He posted a scathing tweet condemning Wade and Gabrielle Union for deciding to publicly support the child’s decision.

The former running back, who had an illustrious NFL career with the Kansas City Chiefs and three other franchises before opting to retire after the 2011 season, had choice words for the Miami Heat legend after catching wind of him publicly supporting his transgender daughter, Zaya.

Author Frederick Joseph tweeted a clip of Wade on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and said that parents should “take lessons” from him and Union. Johnson saw this and replied with damning accusations, saying the 38-year-old not only cheated on his wife but had a child with that other woman.

“Wade fathered another child outside of his marriage,” the former Chief tweeted.

The former running back also had strong words for Union herself.

“Gabby, tho suffering multiple miscarriages, signed petition in protest of ‘HB481,” the tweet continued, referring to a proposed anti-abortion act in Georgia.

The 40-year-old then mentioned the suicide rate of transgender teenagers, and how he would not “whore” his own children.

“Black trans teens suffer higher risks of suicide/ideation,” Johnson wrote, “As a FATHER, I look to The Most High God, I don’t whore after the Baphomet.”

According to Total Pro Sports, the last part about “the Baphomet” implies that Wade follows the Babylonian Kemetic Mystery School System, and is sacrificing “his child to the entertainment industry.” This comes after Johnson had previously tweeted he believed Wade was connected to the Freemasons/Illuminati back in December of last year.

Joseph noticed the reply to his original tweet and implied the running back might have suffered some brain damage while playing pro football.

“Leave Zaya, Wade, and Gabrielle Union alone. Those NFL hits have really done a number on you…get help,” he wrote.

Many of Johnson’s Twitter followers echoed his sentiments in the replies to his tweet.

“D.Wade allows his current wife G.Union to use his son from ex-wife for PRIDE activism. This is child exploitation,” one fan wrote.

The negative replies were not only directed toward Wade but also DeGeneres, with one person adding the hashtag “#ThesePeopleAreSick.”

As reported by The Inquisitr, Wade and his family have been very vocal about their support their 12-year-old’s decision to come out as transgender. In addition to the former NBA star’s recent television appearance, Union posted a touching “Meet Zaya” video on Instagram to give fans an inside look at the young Wade’s personality.

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