Golden Retriever Lovers Lash Out After Siba The Standard Poodle Wins Westminster Dog Show

The world of animals was roiled in controversy after Siba the standard poodle nabbed the top spot at the 2020 Westminster Dog Show. While it’s generally agreed that all dogs are good dogs, not everyone is happy about the results of dog breeding’s biggest show. Fans of the competition lashed out after the win was announced, claiming that Daniel the golden retriever should have won Best In Show and “#DanielWasRobbed” started trending on social media in support of the crowd favorite.

Poodles have won the show four other times in the past, and judges determined that the black standard was the best of the best at the 144th show. It’s the first time that a standard has won the award in nearly three decades, as NPR reports.

While poodles have a reputation as fussy dogs and some mock the unusual haircut given to show dogs — a trim that is intended to protect and facilitate movement as the pooch retrieves birds in frigid waters for hunters — the judges agreed that Siba was the finest example of man’s best friend at the competition.

Yet, some fans didn’t think the judges made the right call. After seeing Daniel nab top honors in the Sporting Group, they believed that the golden boy deserved the crown.

The Westminster show is broken up into groups, among them: hound, toy, working, herding, and terrier. Siba won the non-sporting group, which meant that she and the other dogs, including Daniel, faced off for the coveted purple ribbon.

Fans were particularly excited to see a win by Daniel because a golden retriever hasn’t won the highest award at the show since it began a century and a half ago. After jumping up to hug his handler after winning his group, the crowd exploded, and some believed that the exceptionally good boy had all but secured the top spot.

But it wasn’t meant to be. While the crowd and announcers were initially excited to see Siba secure the award, the cheers gradually turned to jeers as the pretty poodle settled down on the podium.

“Love all the doggies in #BestInShow and they all deserved to win but come on: Daniel HUGGED his handler when he won the Sporting Group! He’s goodiest doggie. #DanielWasRobbed” said one Twitter user.

Others threatened to boycott the show and said that Siba’s win was the perfect example of what is wrong with America.

“Siba looks like the type of dog who would scoff in audacity and call you a peasant when you offer it a milk bone and tap water. Then will insist you wipe its butt with your toothbrush. #danielwasrobbed,” said another.

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