‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Wednesday: Maxie Questions Jax & Ava Nudges Nina

The romantic, slowly-growing dance between Jax and Nina is going to edge forward a bit during Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers share that both Maxie and Ava will be throwing themselves into the situation, the two seemingly supportive of this relationship blossoming.

Jax and Nina recently kissed. Unfortunately, after a talk with Alexis, Jax told Nina that the kiss was a mistake that wouldn’t happen again.

Nina was disappointed, but it’s clear this really isn’t the end of their romance. Nina knows that Valentin still wants to reunite with her, but she is intent on moving forward and it seems that Jax is the only one truly on her radar.

General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Wednesday’s show tease that Maxie will find herself unable to resist getting involved in their situation. She will flat-out tell Jax that she knows he and Nina kissed and she seems to have a positive lilt to her voice as she confronts him about this.

Maxie is incredibly protective of Nina, so she is not about to support a romance she thinks would ultimately be harmful to her friend and colleague. However, she has already nudged Nina to embrace this opportunity and General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll nudge Jax in a similar way.

It seems pretty likely that Jax will be rather bemused by Maxie’s interference. He probably won’t exactly open up to her about his interest in Nina, but he may take this exchange as another sign that he should see what might develop with Nina.

As Maxie chats with Jax, General Hospital spoilers note that Nina will be talking with Ava at the gallery. These two women have a long history of not getting along with one another. Recently, however, things shifted as the ladies found a common interest in exposing the Cassadine men. A friendship seems to be legitimately developing between them and Ava will voice some concern for Nina.

Ava will tell her new friend that the only one who worries her is Nina. Nina will look surprised with perhaps some faux shock as Ava says this. According to SheKnows Soaps, Nina will confide in Ava during this visit and it seems quite likely she will speak about Jax and what comes next.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Valentin is going to continue to pursue his agenda, part of which seems to be to win back Nina. He’s always been wary of Jax, and it sounds as if jealousy may start to rule his actions.

Despite Valentin’s determination, Nina seems intent on moving on without him. In fact, General Hospital spoilers suggest that she and Jax could take a big leap forward in their romance within the next couple of weeks. Fans seem ready to embrace this pairing and it shouldn’t take long to see things get steamy between the two.

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