Jenelle Evans Opens Up About Filming Her Story, Says She Is Trying To ‘Steer Away’ From Drama

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was let go by MTV last April. Since then, she hasn’t filmed for the hit reality series, but she recently started airing her own videos on her YouTube channel. Now, the mom-of-three is opening up to Pop Culture about how filming for her channel differs from filming for reality television.

Since being released by MTV, Jenelle hasn’t been able to pursue any other opportunities. Jenelle explained that she is “in limbo” at the moment. Although she is not appearing on the reality show, she is still technically under contract and unable to pursue other opportunities until that contract is up. Reportedly, her contract with MTV will be up in April, and if she is not offered a new contract with the network, she will then be able to talk to other companies and networks.

“It’s not just other companies. I’m not gonna lie, MTV, they’re iffy about if they really wanna let me go or not,” she claimed.

In the meantime, she explained that she is “doing her own thing” and keeping her fans updated about her life via YouTube. Of course, creating her own content is much different than being filmed for a reality television show, something that Jenelle talked about.

“It’s not like I’m worried about what’s about to air. Are people gonna judge me? Am I parenting right or wrong? It’s all about what I want to do — I make my own schedule, and I do what I want, and I share what I want.”

For her channel, Jenelle has shared videos of her kids as well as answered fans’ questions about her life. She further explained that working on her channel is different from working for MTV because she can film fun things. Jenelle claimed that if she were to suggest airing fun things to MTV, the idea would be “tossed out.”

When she did segments for Teen Mom 2, she would often have to work with other people. However, now that she is filming her own content, she doesn’t have to deal with drama.

“When you involve kids and marriages, divorces, trying to co-parent… I mean you’ve got drama there no matter what. I’m trying to steer away from that right now,” she explained.

For now, Jenelle seems happy living her life in Nashville, Tennessee with her kids. While it is unclear if she will return to Teen Mom 2, fans will still be able to follow her life through social media as well as her YouTube channel.

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