Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason & Sam Face A Setback As Peter Pulls Strings

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the cat-and-mouse game that has been going on the past few weeks with Jason, Sam, and Peter isn’t over yet. Just as Sam and Jason thought they had enough information for Robert to move forward on their deal, Peter caught wind of things and threw a new obstacle in their way.

During Tuesday’s show, viewers watched as Peter reacted to what he overheard Anna and Robert saying at her place. At the same time, Finn met with Sam and Jason and worked out a deal to tell them what he knew about Peter’s connection to the dead gunman. Sam and Jason quickly reached out to Robert to fill him in, and they convinced him to pursue this lead.

Peter has managed to keep Anna in his corner, hiding the worst of how evil he can be. Anna knows that there are things Peter has done that she doesn’t want to have to acknowledge, but she’s been in denial. Granted, he has also done a good job letting her think that what she is doing is ultimately for the right reasons.

Once Peter left Anna’s, he made a phone call and started to do what he could to counter Sam’s progress. Just as Sam and Jason were envisioning a simpler future of being openly together again, Robert reappeared and told them the deal was off.

In the sneak peek for Wednesday’s episode, Sam gets agitated as she talks to Jason and notes that she is the one who dragged Finn into this mess. Sam and Jason promised Finn they wouldn’t tell Robert how they got the information they shared, but it sounds as if perhaps Jason will want them to reconsider keeping the deal.

Peter will meet up with someone and ask what’s going on, surely doing his best to maintain his recovered-bad-boy image. It’s not known who he is talking to here, but General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps do share that he will spend time with Emma.

As this situation intensifies, Robert will be confrontational with someone. General Hospital spoilers have detailed that he will be upset in knowing that Peter and Emma spend time together, and he’s surely agitated by how complicated this Peter situation is becoming. In addition, Anna will question Finn’s allegiance, having no idea just how wary she should be of him right at this moment.

Sam and Jason may be left feeling quite discouraged after their talk with Robert. However, they aren’t going to give up and General Hospital spoilers share that she’ll come up with a new idea during Thursday’s episode.

Peter always seems to stay one step ahead of everybody who is trying to expose him, but it seems his luck is likely to run out soon. General Hospital spoilers suggest that it’ll take a while for this all to be sorted out and fans are anxious to watch the fallout shake things up.

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