Jenelle Evans Speaks Out After She Is Spotted With David Eason: ‘Don’t Assume You Know Who I’m Talking To’

Last year, Jenelle Evans moved from North Carolina to Tennessee after leaving her estranged husband, David Eason. After the two were spotted out together in Nashville over the weekend, Jenelle is seemingly responding to rumors that the two are getting back together.

On Tuesday morning, Jenelle took to her Twitter account to speak out.

“Unless you are one of the people in my small circle, then you wouldn’t have any idea what’s going on in my life. Don’t assume you know who I’m talking to or not talking to. Don’t assume the worse for me because you read some fake articles.”

At the end of her tweet, she included a red heart emoji.

Jenelle didn’t elaborate as to what is going on between her and David, though.

Over the weekend, it was reported that Jenelle and David were spotted out at the Kitchen & Rooftop Bar in Nashville, Tennessee. Allegedly, the two also had dinner together the night prior as well. Since dropping the restraining order against David earlier this year, the two have reportedly been spending more time together in order to co-parent their 3-year-old daughter Ensley.

Within the first three hours of being posted, Jenelle’s tweet had over 650 likes from her more than 1 million followers. The tweet also had a few retweets and several comments from her fans.

Unfortunately, not many of the comments were very supportive. While some commenters showed their support for the mom of three, others pointed out that there were photos of Jenelle out with David. One fan even commented and offered Jenelle some advice.

“I’ll give you this one piece of unsolicited advice: if you have to lie about being with your husband just to get people to support you (via your attempts to get money from youtube, etc) that should say something about whether you’re making the right choice.”

Even though there were plenty of replies to Jenelle’s tweet, she didn’t take the time to respond to them, whether they were positive or negative.

MTV cut ties with Jenelle Evans last year. Her contract with the network will reportedly be up in April. It is unclear if she will be offered another contract or if she will pursue other television networks. The mom of three has been uploading videos to her YouTube channel in the meantime, and recently shared a video where she opened up about co-parenting with David as well as her ex, Nathan Griffith.

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